2018 Quail Roost Foundation Grants

Names of recipients appearing in green are links to that recipient's website.

Sector Recipient Amount Purpose of Grant
All Creatures: Eagle Nest Schools Barn Program $2,000 Eagle Nest School Equine Program
Equine Spirit Sanctuary $4,000 General Operating Support
Horse Protection Assn of FL $2,000 General Operating Support
Windhorse Sanctuary $6,000 General Operating Support
New Mexico Wildlife Center $2,000 General Operating Support
Colorado Pet Pantry $3,000 General Operating Support
Stirrups n' Strides Therapeutic Riding Center $3,000 General Operating Support
Horses n Heroes $3,000 General Operating Support
Discretionary: Colorado Springs Food Rescue $2,000 General Operating Support
Creativity for Peace $3,000 In Honor of Dottie Indyke
Embudo Valley Library $2,000 General Operating Support
Horses n Heroes $2,000 General Operating Support
Huerfano County Youth Services dba Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth $2,000 Sangre de Cristo Center for Youth
Island Volunteer Caregivers $1,000 General Operating Support
Stumptown Art Studio $1,000 General Operating Support
Violence Free Crisis Line $1,000 General Operating Support
Education: Institute for Peace Studies - Rocky Mountain College $6,000 General Operating Support
Blue Sky $2,000 General Operating Support
Cambodia Corps $5,000 Secondary School Support for Ethnic Minority Montagnard Females
Concrete Couch $3,000 General Operating Support
Educational Empowerment $4,000 Books for Burma
Kateri Tekakwitha $4,000 General Operating Support
IslandWood $1,000 Graduate Student Scholarship Support
Emergency & Contingency: BRAC USA $5,000 Rohingya Relief
Concrete Couch $7,000 For House Purchase
Creativity for Peace $4,000 In Honor of Dottie Indyke
HIAS $5,000 In Honor of the Congregants of the Tree of Life Synagogue
Seres Global $2,000 Guatemala Volcanic Relief Efforts
Sustainable Berea $3,000 Matching Grant
Trees Water and People $4,000 Guatemala Volcan Fuego Disaster Relief
Health: Burma Humanitarian Mission $5,000 Backpack Health Worker
The Daniels Hamant Foundation $4,000 Centro Medico Humberto Parra-to support Women's Health initiative of CMHP
Nguyen Nga Center $6,000 General Support
One World One Heart Foundation $5,000 Nepal Medical Camp
Home Community: Youth Heartline $3,000 Taos Neighborhood Arts Project, $1,000
General Operating Support, $2,000
Community Against Violence $3,500 Child Therapeutic Program
Dream Tree $2,500 General Operating Support
El Pueblito United Methodist Church
DBA Shared Table
$3,000 General Operating for Shared Table
Four Corners Animal League $1,000 Supplies for Animal Aid of Questa
Bridges Project for Education $4,000 General Operating Support
Localogy $2,000 General Operating Support
Not Forgotten Outreach, Inc. $2,000 General Operating Support
Taos Health Systems $4,000 Cancer Support Services-CARE Team outpatient oncology
Justice: Creativity for Peace $4,000 General Operating Support
Hand in Hand $4,000 General Operating Support
Rescue Freedom $2,000 Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking
Salaam Cultural Center $3,000 Syrian Refugees
Schools for Salone $3,000 General Operating Support
T'ruah $4,000 General Operating Support
Scholarship: Florida Thoroughbred Charities, Inc. $10,750 Quail Roost Scholarship Program 2018/2019
University of New Mexico, Taos $10,750 Scholarship Support
Sustainability: Carbon Fund $750 General Operating Support
Community Foundation of Ocala and Marion County $4,000 Horse Country Protection Program Fund
Flathead Land Trust $2,500 Sand Hill Crane Project
Housing Resources Bainbridge $4,500 General Operating Support
ShuarHands $2,500 Seeds, Goats, Geese, Chickensz
San Marcos, Guatemala
Northern Plains Resource Council $1,000 Protection and Conservation of Montana's quality natural resources
Sustainable Berea $5,250 General Operating Support
Puget Sound Restoration Fund $4,500 General Operating Support
Total Grants: $205,500

Burma Humanitarian Mission
American Refugee Committee

Providing trauma care and long-term health care
Clinic in Kalma Camp in Darfur

"The Burma army has attacked my people, the Kachin. The Burma army fights us for our land. When they do not have food, they steal food. My people has many problems and diseases. There's no health care for the community. We provide that for them. I treat people with Diarrha, malaria and pneumonia. I am going to be a medic for a long time. I want to continue to help my people." Ja Bawu, Backpack Medic.

"In this [emergency medical] shelter [at Kalma Camp in Darfur], families will have access to prenatal care for pregnant mothers, immunizations for kids, and other vital, lifesaving services. Thank you again to Quail Roost in responding for displaced families in Darfur. Your support was critical." Chris Kindler, American Refugee Committee

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