2006 Quail Roost Foundation Grants

*Names of recipients appearing in green are links to that recipient's website.

Sector Recipient Amount Purpose of Grant
Administrative: Grassroots.org 1,000 Web & Legal Assistance to Non-Profits
Education: Adopt-A-Classroom 3,000 Classroom Support in Florida, New Mexico, and Gulf Coast Region
Children's Therapy Center 1,000 Hippotherapy Program for Children with Disabilities
Institute for Peace Studies 3,000 "Peace Building" Education Program
Wyola School District 1,000 Bilingual "Book Publishing" Program for Grades K-8 on Crow Indian Reservation
Emergency: American Friends Service Committee 3,000 Relief Efforts Following Java Earthquake
Creativity for Peace 5,000 Gaza Hunger Relief Program
Faith Alive Foundation 3,000 Assistance to HIV/AIDS Clinic in Nigeria Following Fire
Mennonite Central Committee 4,000 Relief Efforts in Darfur Region, Sudan
Health: Council for Developmental Disabilities 5,000 Legal Assistance to Families with Children with Developmental Disabilities
National College of Midwifery 1,500 State Networking & Advocacy Assistance
Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center 1,500 Financial Assistance to Clients in Need
Justice: Creativity for Peace Camp 8,000 Sponsorship of Palestinian (1) & Israeli (1) Girls to Camp
Sustainability: Conservation Trust for Florida 4,000 "Protecting Horse Country" Program
Jane Goodall Institute 4,000 Sustainability Program in Graueri Area of Democratic Republic of Congo
Marion County: Horse Protection Association of Florida 2,000 Equine Rescue, Rehab, Education, and Adoption
Hospice of Marion County 2,000 Assistance to Children's Bereavement Program
Kindred Spirits Sanctuary 2,000 Care & Rehab for Abandoned Farm Animals
Windhorse Sanctuary 2,000 Horse, Dog, and Cat Sanctuary
Taos County: Amigos Bravos 1,000 Protection of Valle Vidal from Oil & Gas Drilling
Evolving Creative Opportunities Art Center (Taos, NM) 1,000 Art Workshops for Youth
Men Engaged in Non-Violence (Taos, NM) 1,000 Mentorship Program in Taos Schools
Movimiento! 1,000 International Learning Experiences for Young Adults
Oo-Oonah Art Center (Taos, NM) 1,000 The Heritage Project: Tiwa Culture & Language Program at Taos Pueblo
Shared Table (Taos, NM) 1,000 Feeding the Hungry in Taos
Taos Coalition to End Homelessness (Taos, NM) 1,000 Creation of Shelter for Homeless Men
Youth Heartline 1,000 Services to Abused Children
Discretionary: Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community (BIJAC) 1,000 "Woodward Book Project" Honoring Those Who Spoke Out Against Abuse of Civil Rights During Japanese-American Internment
Camp Jornada 1,000 Free Camp Programs for Children Affected by Cancer
Camp Siberia 1,000 Sponsorship of Orphans' Attendance at Camp
Emergency Food Network of Tacoma & Pierce County 1,000 Providing Emergency Food Assistance to Food Banks, Hot-Meal Sites, and Emergency Shelters in the Tacoma Area
Mujeres en Progresso (Taos, NM) 1,000 Support & ESL Training for Immigrant Women in Taos
Northern Plains Resource Council 1,000 Education Program; Protecting Water and Land of Rural Montana
Prosthetics Outreach Foundation 1,000 Restoring Mobility to Disabled in Vietnam
Rabbis for Human Rights 1,000 Human Rights Programs in Palestine
Southern Scholarship Foundation 1,000 Housing Scholarships to College Students in Need
Stonesoup School 1,000 Scholarship Aid to Alternative School for Troubled Male Teens
Turtle Will 1,000 Assistance to Women's Cooperative in Mali

Primary Grants: $64,000 Discretionary Grants: $11,000 Total Grants: $75,000


Prosthetics Outreach - Sierra Leone


Quail Roost Foundation means so much to us! In a time when we least expected to receive a financial stimulus, our first gift from Quail Roost appeared in 2005. The assistance we have received each year from QR has provided funding for our postpartum home visiting program. Many thanks to Quail Roost Foundation; your concern for our community helps the Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center's outreach be successful.
--Joan Norris, Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center

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